Cooking Tips / FAQs2017-05-28T16:51:35+10:00
Are there any artificial ingredients in Ezy Duck products?2016-05-17T00:34:20+10:00

No. Our products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and contain no MSG.

What does Confit style mean?2016-04-21T13:20:20+10:00

Duck confit is a world renowned gourmet dish from south-west France. Famous for the amazing flavours and tenderness it produces in duck, the process involves rubbing the duck with salt, garlic and herbs to tenderize and preserve the meat. It is then covered and refrigerated for up to 36 hours before being cooked very slowly in it’s own fat.

What about “Twice cooked”?2016-04-21T13:26:58+10:00

Twice cooking duck and other meats is a technique known to chefs the world over as a method to tenderize and consistently cook the meat, as well as to infuse flavours. Twice cooking involves seasoning the duck and first steaming it before either roasting or pan searing the meat.

Is duck healthy to eat?2016-04-21T13:27:14+10:00

Ezy Duck is gluten free, a good source of protein.

Can I freeze Ezy Duck products?2016-04-21T13:27:32+10:00

Absolutely. In fact, duck maintains a better texture when frozen than other poultry. Once defrosted and prepared, however, it’s best not to re-freeze duck and other poultry.

What’s the best way to reheat Ezy Duck products?2016-04-21T13:27:48+10:00

Your Ezy Duck can be prepared in a number of ways, using various appliances including conventional ovens, microwaves, a saucepan and a frypan, depending upon the product and the recipe. For full directions, refer to your Ezy Duck packet.